Swedish Massage

Our Swedish Massage for Tension relief and Relaxation.

Swedish massage is a technique used for maximum relaxation and peace. We will use softer, long, kneading strokes, which help with muscle tension and stress. Swedish massage also helps with joint relaxation and is perfect for flushing out toxins.


There are many benefits of Swedish or soft massage, especially when given regularly. These benefits include:

  • Possible relief from headaches or migraines. Headaches are often caused by poor circulation or tension from stress. Massage helps increase blood circulation, and relieves muscle tension buildup that could cause headaches.
  • You may notice mood improvements. Massage has been shown to increase endorphins in your brain, which have been linked to better mood.
  • A massage encourages the flow of lymphatic fluid, which can help support a healthy immune system.
  • Spending time relaxing will help your nervous system!

Available Options and Treatments

We offer many different Swedish Massages. Book a package with some or all of the following:

  • Natural Oils
  • Hot Oil
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reflexology
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Energy balancing and Clearing

Treatment Benefits

Mood Improvement
Blood Circulation
Headache/Migraine Relief
Immune System Improvement
Standard Swedish Massage
40 min

This session is perfect for the person with a busy schedule. It's a 40 minute Swedish Massage with Natural Oils

1 Hour Swedish Aroma Therapy Massage
60 min

Aromatherapy for pain and stress management - Warm oil for nervous system stimulation

75-Minute Swedish Massage
75 min

Aromatherapy plus Energy balancing and Clearing. Hot oil included upon request

90 Minute Reflexology Swedish Massage
90 min

Reflexology included in this hour and a half massage. Pressure points on your hands and feet along with Craniosacral Therapy, Aroma Therapy and essential oils.

75 Minute Customized Soft or Deep Massage
75 min

This package gives you the option to customize your session according to your therapeutic needs: Warm Oil, Aromatherapy, Compassion healing and Energy balancing/clearing

90 Minute Fully Customized Massage
90 min

This Fully Customized Massage includes Warm Oil, Aromatherapy AND a pass to Jemez Hot Springs